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We offer live trainings and the equivalent of university courses that would otherwise cost anywhere from $1000 to $6000 starting at $149. All our courses are live (hence the name livetech.AI) and we only focus on technical courses (most are hands on-project based). For example, an average computer science (CS) undergrad has 10 CS courses. At Livetech.AI, that would cost you around $1999 and you could go out to become a software engineer. Note, this is not recorded content. You can find recorded content for free on youtube, or other platforms. Those usually have a 6-7% completion rate and lack the community component.

1.0 Why is it very affordable?

Our educators are just genuinely passionate about teaching. The platform gives educators up to 90% of the course revenue. If there are 20-30 people per class that is still 3-6k for the educator. Course creators can also approve other educators (like PhD students) to teach their courses which allows them to make money even if they are not teaching. This allows for scalability and personalization. Hence they only make money if there are several full sessions of their course.

2.0 Concerned about the quality of our courses or educators?

Our course authors are Stanford and MIT alumni. Other active educators are industry professionals that work at Intel or big companies.

3.0 Why are we only focused on tech?

Tech is one of the only few industries where skills are more important than degrees. It is either you know how to build a product or you don’t. There is no in between. It is also easier to teach a technical course or let another educator teach your course in tech since there is not much room to modify the content.

4.0 Could a student who graduates from a class apply to teach it?

Yes, if the course creator approves them and feels like they are qualified to do it, they definitely should. Teaching is one of the best ways to learn.

5.0 What is the revenue share model for the courses?

The platform takes 10-15% of the course price. If an educator creates a course and teaches it, they take 90% of the course revenue. If they create the course and approve someone else to teach it, they make 15% of the course revenue. The “Active Educator” makes 70%.

6.0 How do AI office hours work?

In partnership with Heybot.AI we have built an AI chatbot trained for each course that could help answer your questions. Those are available 24/7.

7.0 Do educators have access to AI to curate content?

Yes, we will be releasing those APIs soon. Course creators can use them to curate content from stack overflow, github, medium posts, and research papers. The goal is for the models to automatically identify and transform the content into assignments and lecture notes. This will make sure that our courses are relevant to industry professionals and teach actual useful content.

8.0 Who owns the course IP?

100% of the course IP is owned by the content creator, or course owner.

9.0 How do refunds work?

One of the most delicate issues with cohort based courses is handling the refund policy. On one hand, if there aren't enough enrollments, it might not be worth the educator's time to teach the class. On the other hand, learners want to know if the course session is actually taking place. By default, you should assume that the class is taking place. If you get an email 3 days before the class starts saying the class is cancelled (due to not enough enrollments), then you will get a full refund. You can get a full refund even right after you watch the first lecture. This allows you to see what the educator is like. After that, it will be up to the educator. LiveTech.AI only takes a small cut, and stripe processing fee is (2.9% + 30 cents). Hence if you pay a $103.2, then you will get back $100.

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