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Higher Ed

Higher Ed

Save time, money, and resources with our customized course generation and fully automated auto-grading capabilities. Sell courses online for an extra revenue stream, branding, and educational impact.

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Experience the future of K to 12 with our cutting-edge AI platform. Bringing AI, parents, teachers, admins, and students together every step of the way to gaurantee learning outcomes.

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Corp Edu

Corp Edu

Create your company's internal university, speed up onboarding with AI-enhanced learning. Quickly generate customized courses making engagement higher, and results remarkable.

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We are working together with Livetech to create and build AI-powered education in Saudi Arabia for all levels and disciplines.

- Dr. Sultan Albarakati, Director of KAUST Academy


of educator's time saved


increase in grades in < 2 months


increase in productivity

Introducing Sophia: Your Personal Assistant

Sophia Chatbot

For Teachers

Sophia helps you track the class progress. It can generate customized lectures, reports, and practice problems based on curriculum and class performance.

For Students

Sophia is customized at the curriculum and student level and knows your grades and pace. She makes use of chain-of-thought reasoning to help you solve problems.

AI Automation in 3 Clicks

Describe Topic

Step 1

Generate Notebook

Step 2

Generate Auto-grader

Step 3

Generative AI for Analytics

Experience the power of generative AI to get actionable insights on tangible next steps to improve learning outcomes. Describe the type of report and generate it with a click of a button at the institution, subject, and learner level. Use comparative and predictive analytics to A/B test policies and make informed decisions.

Analytics Overview

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